Pachute by Sharon Radisch

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Thanks to Sharone Radisch, a New York City based still life photographer, who captured the essence of Pachute so beautifully. Visit her blog for more pictures of the store and other gorgeous minimalist interiors. 

Sharon Radisch @cacahuete_sr

Pachute featured on L'attitudine

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Carole Hallac, a contributing editor of l'attitudine, says about Pachute "shopping for winter wardrobe is more fun, in particular at Pachute, the Upper East Side gem. My absolute favorite store, where I could just binge in cozy warm sweaters". 

Fall Pick for NY Magazine

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One of my favorite pieces for the fall is this Wool Cardigan by Ivan Grundahl. I love the warm and cozy look of this cardigan. It is versatile and can be worn over a dress, on top of jeans, leggings, leather pants, a is shorter in the back, which gives it an interesting shape. And the color goes with anything!

NY Magazine 


Pachute Boutique Takes Root

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If 'pure and simple' is part of your sustainable style equation, then pachute boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is definitely a fashion outpost that you should know about. Exquisitely curated by owner Sharone Komoroff, this clean and bright style oasis is a cool nest of nature-inspired fashion amidst the steamy urban jungle.

Article: Ecco*Eco